UK Education – Classroom of the Future

There are in numerous reasons to choose to study at England. England is known for offering career-based pre university education which dates back to hundred of years and is evolving constantly. The continuous progress in education is making it one of the most preferred destinations for higher studies. Its educational institutes, qualification level and study patterns are recognized throughout the world, and so-much-so, that many countries including Bangladesh and Pakistan base their education system on the UK study pattern.

Study in UK promises a brilliant start of your career, with its courses ranging from Agriculture related subjects, Applied Science and Pure Science, Architecture, Business and Administrative Studies, MBA, Computers and Mathematical Science, Engineering and Technologies, Humanities, Law and Legal Studies, Social Studies and Communications, Travel, Tourism and Leisure, Creative Art and Design to many more. Along with it, there are many vocational courses too that offer ‘work-while-you-study’ options. This allows them to put into practice, what they learn in classrooms. So UK education system encompasses not only a wide variety of schools and colleges, but a wide variety of courses too that make it a perfect education hub.

The education arrangement is very flexible. They offer regular as well as correspondence courses that range from a time frame of few months to few years. So students can choose the courses according to their niche and convenience. All the courses offer a scope for responsive and challenging environment in which students can develop their skills.

As far as the fee structure is concerned, education in UK proves to be economical. The fee for A-level courses is usually around 4000 to 5000 Euros. This includes lecture fees, using college premises like libraries, practical laboratories, and workshops, depending upon the course you have chosen. However, the fee slab for various courses differs and needs a thorough revision before you enroll in a course.

UK in its commitment to innovation has come up with an Education project called the Classroom of the Future. Around 12 UK education authorities have pooled in money to raise around 30 educational projects. The vision is to create a dynamic study environment that caters to the needs of all students equally, while also maintaining an optimum utilization of resources. The project aims at providing laptops and computers to each person, state-of-the-art classroom environment, top-notch institutional buildings that contain toilets that use rain water, and wind turbines and solar panels for electricity.

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